New Aspiration of the Research Group: Laboratory for human and machine (HCI Lab)

Very important announcment

It is time to develop the Group’s activities to be more supported and extended to new horizons.  Aiming at expanding this work, after about six years of launching, and after paying sincere time and effort with physical and intellectual altruism, we can declare that the entity has the maturity and size to conquer any limits. In addition, from our accumulated experience over the past years, we observed and recognized the deliberate and artificial hurdles and problems. In retrospect, we
have developed stronger motivation towards more success and distinction.

Moving up:

  1. from the narrow closets to the spaciousness of the Internet,
  2. from the limited visibility to innovative capacity,
  3. and from restrictive bureaucracy to the freedom and hopes of research and development.

And for achieving these foreseen prospective, We announce the launch of the activity of virtual lab of Human Computer Interaction (Virtual HCI Lab.) with the same principles that we started out, with the same group, and–more broadly in terms of activity and communication–with relevant research activity in the same areas.

Members of research group