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Recent Announcements: Spring 2014 training program

SmallInteractionLgoThe group is interested in new trends for interacting in ubiquitous environments, augmented reality, natural interfaces and tangible/user interfaces.

The group target this year Education, Health and resource management projects. We think that this research points is very important for Egypt, in addition they present a lot of research challenges.

Our aim is to develop a new era of applications that have a user-centered design approach. We would like to establish a new prospective for the scientific research that helps the new era of ubiquitous environments by building novel hardware/software.

We are now co-members of IANGIO project:

Development of interactive 3D imaging system for hepatic angiography

This research project aims to develop an interactive 3D imaging system of hepatic angiography. The expected outputs of the project is an integrated system includes software, hardware and experienced manpower with knowledge and ability to use, maintain and extend the developed system in several national hospitals. This would expect to provide a domestic technology that save the exorbitant amount of money used to purchase highly sophisticated imaging facilities.

Research Projects and themes:

Graduation projects for academic year 2012/2013

  1. RemoAct : Kinect for distance interaction with augmented reality
  2. PolyPie: New interaction techniques for large display projected tables
  3. Prokiwii: Kinects with objects for smart scenarios
  4. Hexart: Hexagon tables for groupwork activites
  5. Object table: FTIR table with objects.


Dr. Ayman Ezzat

Current Members:

  1. Sarah Nabil (Ph.D candidate)
  2. Aya Hamdy (Msc Program)
  3. Dina Elmanakhly (Msc Program – Suez Univ.)
  4. Motaz AbdelFattah (Msc program)
  5. Ahmed Nady (Msc Program)
  6. Mohamed Ramadan
  7. Ahmed Samir Abdelkrim

Junior researchers

  1. Yasser Abdelaziz
  2. Hussam Gamal
  3. Eslam Moustafa

EX Members:

  1. Ahmed AbdelAziz
  2. Mohamed Abdelaty
  3. Hossam Saad
  4. Eman Nabil
  5. Maram
  6. Rojena

Current Trainees:

  1. Ayman Sayed
  2. Ahmed Salem

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