Ibteicar 2014 Second Position

23 Feb 2o15

Graduation project team won the second position in Ibtiecar annual Competition with 5000EGP.

Alive is an augmented reality social network that allows users to interact with the surrounding environment directly by adding and sharing content on places, physical objects and even money. We also support object owners tracking system to save history of past object owners and redisplay them with suitable data visualisation interface. Also, users can review products or services and these contents are visualised through an augmented reality interface which would create the first augmented reality social network.

The novelty is this system lies in the immersion of the user in context of social network by interacting with nearly every object around him, after applying a QR code ticket or registering its bar-code and GPS location, and posting or checking statues on them the user becomes the center of an object oriented social network where instead of one interface for accessing it, every object around him is considered an interface or accessing point for the system.

Alive won ibTIECar 2015 while it was under development ibTIECar is an Innovation Recognition program for students.