Dr, Ayman Ezzat

November 6, 2014

HCI-LAB Interaction Group GP 2012-2013 win the first position in YIA program for the project entitled ProkiWII


The YIA Program aims to positively impact the scientific culture in Egypt, and to produce more equipped scientists in the future by helping undergraduate, graduate and PhD students gain access to training, funding, information, equipment, and supplies that may better meet the needs of their research projects at Egyptian national universities.

ProkiWII present an intuitive interaction technique for everyday objects. We propose a system that allows the user to interact with everyday objects, and use them to make smart scenarios. We enrich the objects with a portable projected interface that is supported by 3D accelerometer in order to build novel user object interaction scenarios. Moreover, we present double crossing as an interaction technique for manipulating finger interface. We conducted experiment to test the applicability of the proposed system with different applications. Our results showed that the proposed system has a lot of potentials to enrich different domains of applications like object data storage, education Montessori cubes and smart shopping goods.