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HCI LAB Summer Training Program 2017

Hci-lab Egypt is pleased to announce it’s annual summer training 2017 for teams in second,third level in faculty of computer science.
The training will start after small fest “eid fetr” and stands for 2 months
Why your team will join
1- Understand what is academic research
2- solve and work in different problems of computer science
3- learn some new technologies that is applied in marketing
How to apply
Please visit the following link and register your team by 15 June 2017
Eligible teams
Team members 4 to 5 students
2 and 3 level students
Good command of English
Video well representing your best project and show how your team roles

Ibticar 2nd Position 2017 :CAD System for Medical Lab Investigation

This project applies automatic methods for classification anIbteicar2nd2017d recognition of urine analysis microscopic images. We found that, it is necessary to apply automatization in the field of microscopic analyses of urine solution as detecting particles in the microscopic image is repeated and time consuming. Furthermore, Particles in many medical laboratory analyses have irregular shapes and blur edges. This project applies medical image processing algorithms and pattern recognition to microscopic images. It is composed of three stages: first, original urinary sediment microscopic images are transformed into binary image by image preprocessing including median filtering, color image conversion to gray scale image and image segmentation. Second, we select and extract some objects from images. Third, we classify the extracted images using SVM to recognize four kinds of urine sediment components: red blood cells, white blood cells, cast, calcium oxalate.

Dr, Ayman Ezzat

December 13, 2016


Title: Frontiers in imaging science and related technologies
Date: 25 December 2016
Place: Seminar Hall (third floor), Dept. of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt
Program: click here to download
Online registration:  (closed 15 Dec 2016)  
Organizers: Image Science Lab. (Suez Canal University) and HCL LAB (Helwan University)
Sponsor: STDF

New Aspiration of the Research Group: Laboratory for human and machine (HCI Lab)

Very important announcment

تطلع جديد للمجموعة البحثية

لمعمل الإنسان و الآلة (HCI Lab)


حان الوقت لتطوير نشاط المجموعة و دعمه وإمتداده لآفاق أرحب.

فليتسع هذا العمل بعد حوالى ست سنوات من إنطلاق الفكرة و الحرص على تحقيقها بالجهود الذاتية لمبتدعيها بالعطاء المادى و الفكرى و الإيثار بالوقت و الجهد و كذلك الدعم المميز و المقدر من بعض الزملاء، نرى أن نعلن أن الكيان قد نضج و كبر حتى إنه في حاجة للتغلب على أي حدود قد تعترضه. ومن تراكم خبرتنا بالفترة السابقة من إستشعار المعوقات و المشاكل أصبح لدينا دافعاً أقوى للنجاح و الانطلاق إلى الأفضل


من ضيق الحجرات إلى رحابة الأنترنت

و من محدودية الرؤية إلى سعة المشاركة و الإبداع

ومن قيود الروتين إلى حرية البحث والتطوير

و لتحقيق هذه الآمال المتعاظمة نعلن عن إنطلاق نشاط المعمل التخيلى للإنسان و الآلة (Virtual HCI Lab) بنفس المبادئ التى بدأنا بها و بذات المجموعة و بشكلٍ أشمل من حيث النشاط و التواصل مع المعنيين بالنشاط البحثى فى نفس المجالات.

                                                        أعضاء المجموعة البحثية

It is time to develop the Group’s activities to be more supported and extended to new horizons.  Aiming at expanding this work, after about six years of launching, and after paying sincere time and effort with physical and intellectual altruism, we can declare that the entity has the maturity and size to conquer any limits. In addition, from our accumulated experience over the past years, we observed and recognized the deliberate and artificial hurdles and problems. In retrospect, we
have developed stronger motivation towards more success and distinction.

Moving up:

  1. from the narrow closets to the spaciousness of the Internet,
  2. from the limited visibility to innovative capacity,
  3. and from restrictive bureaucracy to the freedom and hopes of research and development.

And for achieving these foreseen prospective, We announce the launch of the activity of virtual lab of Human Computer Interaction (Virtual HCI Lab.) with the same principles that we started out, with the same group, and–more broadly in terms of activity and communication–with relevant research activity in the same areas.

Members of research group

Dr, Ayman Ezzat

March 9, 2016

We are pleased to announce our five years success story Brochure, to view Click Here


HCI-LAB formed in 2011 by Prof. Dr Mostafa Sami, Dr. Waleed Youssed (Lab Director), Dr, Ayman Ezzat (Lab Co-Director) and Dr, Omar Hamdy. In 2013 Dr, Essam rashed become visiting researcher from Image Science Lab Suez University. In 2014 Dr, Mohamed Nabil Joined the group for Cryptography. In 2015 Dr, Ghada Ahmed joined the lab for Networking Group


The lab aims Mission is

  • Research Human-Computer Interaction area.
  • Prepare and teach educational materials to establish theoretical foundations in that area.


  • Push the culture to own the “know-how” science to produce than consume.
  • Linking research with national industrial needs.
  • Boosting the academic level, especially in our institution

Dr, Ayman Ezzat

November 6, 2014


HCI-LAB , Interaction Group win the 3rd Position of Kinect Track and being marked by Microsoft ATL for GP 2012-2013 named RemoAct: Portable Projected Interface with Hand Gesture Interaction.

RemoAct is a wearable depth sensing and projection it makes interaction with the surrounding environment more intuitive through sharing and sending data with surrounding humans by applying certain gestures. Not only can you interact with humans but you can also send commands thorough gestures to other machines in the surrounding environment like printers, display screens, and projectors. Unlike some other wearable systems you have no need to wear gloves or even have a setup forevery environment, on the contrary this system offers a mobile and robust solution for interacting using a projected surface on habitual flat surfaces or even flat organic surfaces like the user’s hand, and at the same time interact with different people and different machines in different environments without the need for any further system configurations.


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