Dr, Essam Rashed

DrEssamRashedEssam A. Rashed, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of computer science and director of Image Science Lab. (ISL), Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt. He received Ph.D. (Eng.) from University of Tsukuba, Japan in 2010. He is a winner of the Egyptian national scholarship (2006), JSPS postdoctoral fellowship (2010), Japanese Society of Medical Imaging Technology (JAMIT) best presentation award (2008 & 2012), and Chairman award, Department of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba (2010). He is currently the principal investigator of research projects supported from PMU, Ministry of Higher Education (ASRP program) and from STDF (Reintegration grant). His research interest includes computed tomography (CT), image reconstruction, medical image processing and inverse problems. He is a member of IEEE, IAENG and JAMIT.


More details are here: http://essam.staff.scuegypt.edu.eg

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