Dr, Ayman Ezzat

November 6, 2014

Cryptography Group GP 2014-2015

1- Delegating Computation using Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE): Cloud security is a common concern in many markets today, including the Egyptian Ministry of Communication. Many users today worry for their data and/or trade-secret algorithms that they are not willing to submit them to the cloud for execution even if they need to. The aim of this project is to allow a user to send his program to the cloud for execution, while preserving the secrecy of both, his data, and his algorithm. The approach to this problem will employ Fully Homomorphic Encryption (see the list of references below) to implement an LLVM virtual machine, that will be able to execute any application, given it was compiled to LLVM, and then encrypted using an FHE scheme.

2- Cryptographic E-Voting: Electronic voting have been a rising field of research for the past few years and have been deployed in real-life situations in many countries. However, the existing approaches may not cover all the challenges facing developing countries. In particular, the unavailability of a reliable internet connection in many rural–and sometimes urban–areas; the potentially widespread corruption; and the illiteracy, whether to reading or to technology.  The goal of this project is to investigate and implement a (partial) solution that is tailored to the unique challenges in Egypt, a developing country, using advanced cryptographic techniques, while at the same time assuring the whole system can tolerate the decaying infrastructure and be easily understandable by the general public.