Dr, Ayman Ezzat

November 6, 2014

Interaction Group Arena: Augmented Reality Engine
In order a quickly and easily to create Augmented Reality and real-time application.We would like to build a smart augmented reality engine that allows ordinary users to develop their own AR education/entertainment applications. The engine aims to reduce the development cost and time needed to develop an AR application. Even-thought  their exist some commercial AR engines they either requires programming knowledge or restricting their usage to predefined setups. We aim to deliver an AR engine that can utilize novel IHCII input devices (Kinect , WII, leap motion,…ETC). Moreover,  ARENA allows ordinary users to build their own AR markers and scenarios with a usable GUI. ARENA users can create an Augmented reality application on mobile application.
Team members name :
1- Hossam Gamal
2- Abdelrhman Badr
3- Ahmed Alaa
4- Ali Abdallah
5- Kirollos Magdy
6- Mina Medhat