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Dr, Ayman Ezzat

November 6, 2014

Interaction Group SCoTT: A seamless large display and table interaction for camera surveillance.

Team Members:

1-    Mahmoud Mohammad Abd-elhmed

2-    Muhammad Hossam El-din Mohamed

3-    Abdelrahman Tarek Nasr

4-    Ehab Mohammad Soliman

5-    Muhammad Najeeb Taha

6-    Muhammad Tariq Mosad

SCoTT is an innovative system that displays the live feed coming from security cameras in a smart way using a touch table and a big display in order to better visualize the cameras feed and to ease the interaction with it.


Dr, Ayman Ezzat

November 6, 2014

Interaction Group Medika: Integrated devices for medical examinations 

Medika a new product that provides doctors and medical institutions with new tools that facilitate and change the way doctor’s store and view medical data. In hospitals and medical institution information is vital in saving lives every day. Today’s hospitals use traditional computer based-systems to manage the patient’s information. This is extremely inefficient and complex in an organization that deals with human lives.

Our solution offers a new product built upon an augmented reality glasses and large multi-touch surface. Using natural human computer interaction techniques to interact with the patient’s information. The product would reduce the time and effort required by doctors to insert new medical information during examinations.  Also changing the method doctor’s view previous patient’s examinations and medical history. Allowing doctors to collaboratively insert, view and share patient’s information during examinations with great ease and in less time.  We aim to build a complete platform that supports the usage of augmented reality and touch surface interface in the medical field. Designing and developing new way to interact with the augmented reality device. Also construct new techniques that support working across the several devices used in our solution.


Dr, Ayman Ezzat

November 6, 2014

HCI-LAB Interaction Group GP 2012-2013 win the first position in YIA program for the project entitled ProkiWII


The YIA Program aims to positively impact the scientific culture in Egypt, and to produce more equipped scientists in the future by helping undergraduate, graduate and PhD students gain access to training, funding, information, equipment, and supplies that may better meet the needs of their research projects at Egyptian national universities.

ProkiWII present an intuitive interaction technique for everyday objects. We propose a system that allows the user to interact with everyday objects, and use them to make smart scenarios. We enrich the objects with a portable projected interface that is supported by 3D accelerometer in order to build novel user object interaction scenarios. Moreover, we present double crossing as an interaction technique for manipulating finger interface. We conducted experiment to test the applicability of the proposed system with different applications. Our results showed that the proposed system has a lot of potentials to enrich different domains of applications like object data storage, education Montessori cubes and smart shopping goods.


Dr, Ayman Ezzat

November 6, 2014


HCI-LAB , Interaction Group win the 3rd Position of Kinect Track and being marked by Microsoft ATL for GP 2012-2013 named RemoAct: Portable Projected Interface with Hand Gesture Interaction.

RemoAct is a wearable depth sensing and projection it makes interaction with the surrounding environment more intuitive through sharing and sending data with surrounding humans by applying certain gestures. Not only can you interact with humans but you can also send commands thorough gestures to other machines in the surrounding environment like printers, display screens, and projectors. Unlike some other wearable systems you have no need to wear gloves or even have a setup forevery environment, on the contrary this system offers a mobile and robust solution for interacting using a projected surface on habitual flat surfaces or even flat organic surfaces like the user’s hand, and at the same time interact with different people and different machines in different environments without the need for any further system configurations.


SATL20132013-12-19 16.15.57


Dr, Ayman Ezzat

November 5, 2014

Interaction Group Alive: Augmented reality Social Network around Places and Movable Objects. 


Team Members:

1- Ahmed Gamal.
2- Eslam Mostafa.
3- Hesham Hossam.
4- Mohamed Hamed.
5- Waleed Hesham.
6- Yaser Omar.

Alive is an augmented reality social network that allows users to interact with the surrounding
environment directly by adding and sharing content on places, physical objects and even
money. We also support object owners tracking system to save history of past object owners
and redisplay them with suitable data visualization interface. Also, users can review products
or services by service providers and these contents are visualized through an augmented
reality interface which would create the first augmented reality social network.

Summer training program 2014

HCI pleased to announce it’s annual summer training to FCIH students, We are seeking highly motivated students to join our lab and groups. The training starts at 22 June 2014 and stands till end of September 2014.
Fill in this form Deadline 17 June 2014
This year we are going to hold a group project divided as follows